Our farm is located in the Khostinsky district of Sochi, near the village of Kalinovoe Ozero. Here we are engaged in the cultivation of plants unique in their target properties - of Chinese origin, or of natural and organic plantation tea cultivated according to all the principles of biodynamics.

Jujube is one of the most healing medicinal plants in the world, thanks to a wide range of applications. First of all, the regular use of Unaby tea decoctions helps to fight hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arterial atherosclerosis, neurosis, tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, metabolic disorders and obesity, and also removes a person from a pre-infarction and pre-stroke condition and reduces their consequences.

We produce medicinal herbal tea of ​​different varieties from fruits and leaves of jujube, as well as elite hand-picked large-leaf organic tea, collected on tea plantations. Products are in great demand both in Russia and abroad. We are constantly increasing production, thanks to a flexible pricing policy, favorable cooperation conditions, a convenient delivery system and Internet services that allow us to buy our tea anywhere in the world.


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