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Mountain plantations of wild varieties Unabi

Mountain plantations of wild varieties Unabi

Tea Jujube Unaby
Organic Tea and Eco-Producer in the Russian Federation

The official website of "TEA RUSSIA" - a manufacturer of premium organic Tea, Jujube and Eco-Products in Russia. We produce organic plantation tea grown on the northernmost tea plantations in the world, in the mountains of Sochi, medicinal tea of ​​different varieties from fruits and leaves of jujube. The full production cycle of herbal tea - from growing and collecting leaves and fruits to packaging of finished products. Herbal tea from jujube is in great demand both in Russia and abroad. We are constantly increasing production, thanks to a flexible pricing policy, favorable cooperation conditions, a convenient delivery system and Internet services that allow us to buy our tea anywhere in the world.

Organic Tea

Our tea is grown in the inaccessible highlands of Sochi National Park and is harvested by experienced tea growers to give the perfect taste and energy.

Wild unaby

Completely avoiding the planting of colted varieties of jujube in favor of wild growing, we have achieved the highest therapeutic effect from our agricultural culture!

Herbal tea

Given the knowledge of the healers of the Caucasus Mountains and the rules for collecting herbs, we have created a unique blend that meets the traditions of Russia.

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